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Archive: 2009 November

Danielle Burke – Sequim, Wa. USA

The Kamana program has really opened my eyes to my own backyard. It has helped me to slow down and really take everything around me in. It’s really just enhanced everything in my life and made me really excited to learn more about nature, myself and everything! Oh and it’s help me a lot in […]

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Amy – New Paltz, New York

Kamana is like a companion, a friend, the bird in the canopy calling to me. I began Kamana One as part of the chosen independent study for my graduate Environmental Education curriculum. I also had to do several other nature studies curriculum’s and compare them to my chosen Kamana. Many of the wilderness education programs […]

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How can I express my thanks? What miracles arise from a sit spot? What does it mean that now I am always in the company of my friends — the juncos, chipmunks, jays, robins, finches, squirrels, wrens, and turkeys? They are all my friends, and I listen and await them. The wind is my friend. […]

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Wes Gietz

When I was a kid I spent many hours alone in the bush and on the waters of Ontario. Later in life I discovered field guides and followed a passion for plants and mushrooms. I thought I knew the natural world. The only reason I signed up for Kamana was because I understood that this […]

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Chris from Switzerland

This past year has been one of change for me in my life. Kamana has helped in this change by giving me that little bit of “extra”centered-ness to help keep me focused on what I feel to be real for my life. I am fortunate to live in an area of Europe with plenty of […]

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