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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kamana and How do I learn about it?

Kamana is a Naturalist Training Program. You can learn about it and purchase it at Wilderness Awareness School.

I am a new student. How does Kamana.org work?

Kamana.org is your support for the Kamana Naturalist Training Program. As a member you have access to premium content, a worldwide community of like-minded students, experienced mentors, and lots more. As you complete your work, you will send it in one field pack at a time, and receive a personal response from the staff at Kamana.org.

While moving through the program you can use Kamana.org to further inspire you or to help troubleshoot any challenges you might be having. You’ll now have email access to instructors as well as the discussion forum to converse with other students. Go here for more details on Kamana.org

I am a former student. How do Student Services work now?

Here’s the short and sweet update: Kamana.org is now the hub for Student Services. There is no longer a separate Certification Option: it is included with your subscription to Kamana.org! Once you sign up for Kamana.org, you will still receive mailed personal responses to your field pack work. In addition, you will now get access to emailed support from Kamana mentors, lots of premium content, such as videos, audio lessons, access to your larger Kamana community, and more!

We all go through different phases of actively doing and not doing Kamana. This new site has been a significant aid in helping people move through Kamana in a powerful way. We hope you experience the same!

I am an International Student. Can I still do Kamana?

YES. We have a category set up specifically for International Kamana Students to inform them about how Kamana works for students outside of North America. You can learn more here

I have purchased Kamana One and/or Kamana Two. When should I join Kamana.org?

If you’ve purchased a Kamana program, your Kamana journey has begun! You can join Kamana.org whenever you are ready to connect with worldwide Kamana community, get personalized feedback from Kamana mentors, learn from inspiring new content, and so much more. It is up to you to decide when the time is right to deepen your journey. If you still need to purchase a Kamana level, you can do so at our School Store.

My life is full. Can this work for me?

YES! You can REALLY get so much more from your Kamana experience with a supportive community online.  You can log on every so often to listen to interviews, watch a video or two, chat in the Forum… It’s up to you. There are NO time requirements. Even the most “occasional” user will get their money’s worth.

How much is Kamana.org?

It is $14.99 per month or $149.99 per year. Click here to join!

Will my card be charged every month?

Yes. You will be charged every month or annually (depending on your payment plan) until you cancel. When you cancel you can access the site for the rest of the final month that you have paid for. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Can I pay by check?

Yes… You will need to send it to Wilderness Awareness School’s office. Please contact us for further details on how to proceed.

Do I need high-speed internet to use Kamana.org?

NO. Dial-up is fine. We now have the feature of downloading videos and viewing them afterwards, to avoid potential skipping. You will be able to download mp3′s (doable, but slow) and use the rest of the features, no problem. If dial-up access does not work out for you, you are free to cancel your membership.

Can I still do Kamana if I don’t have consistent internet access?

YES. Please contact us or call the Wilderness Awareness School office 425 788 1301 about how to do this.

What happened to the Certification Option?

The certification of your Kamana Two work is now included with your membership to Kamana.org. You’ll receive your certification along with a response to your final Kamana Two field pack. During your Kamana Two work, as you complete each field pack, we request that you send them in one at a time, for the most thorough response. If you send multiple field packs at once, you will only receive one combined response.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at Kamana.org whenever you need to. If you know you want to take a break in between levels (or during a level), you can cancel and start back up again when you are ready. Please contact us to cancel your membership.