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Do you want to be mentored on this journey?

We listened to Kamana student feedback, and with Kamana.org we lowered the price of student services significantly to make it more accessible for everyone. At the same time, we designed Kamana.org to be the ultimate resource for those engaged in naturalist training…

We know; we’ve been there. There are many distractions in our lives that can make it challenging to keep up with any ongoing course. In the world of martial arts, music and naturalists, there are countless beginners and very few “black belts”.

With Kamana.org, you have a human-powered resource — available 24/7/365 — to continue to inspire, connect and help you to navigate any bumps in the trail ahead.

We’ve been mentoring students in the Kamana Naturalist Training Program for over 15 years, and Kamana.org takes all that we’ve learned and offers it to you at a lower cost and lower risk than ever before. We’ve made available to you tools that were not possible to deliver without an online medium, and we are excited about how much more this will add to your experience!